FWGE: Three Poems by Wendy Mekwunye

Love or Lust?


I find myself ruminating if I love you or if it’s just lust ?

Sure, I love the feel of your lips on mine, moving in sync like they were created to be together

I love how you slowly kiss my neck making your way down to the layer of skin above my breast, nibbling and leaving trails of sparks

I love how you bite gently on my skin but hard enough for a gigantic wave of pleasure to come crashing down on me

I love how you relieve the pain by licking that sensitive spot

The way your soft pink lips cover my hard nipple as I moan in delight while my core starts throbbing

And I sure as hell love how you make that throbbing go away

..One thing I do know is that I hate the fact you stay over to cuddle

..It’s definitely lust




As he leaned in to kiss me

All I could think of at that point was how his lips would taste

            Mhmm… he tasted like strawberries

He kissed me tenderly and quite frankly very slowly

As if trying to relish every moment of the kiss

I was fascinated at how the shape of his lips fit perfectly with mine

Our tongues dancing in an erotic way

He decided to explore

Planting soft kisses on my neck

I wanted more, I needed more

His mouth tenderly pressed against my neck

Electric shocks soared through my body as he started licking, sucking and slightly nibbling on my neck

An involuntary moan escaped from my lips

My heart racing

My body craving more

…Craving an evening of sensual bliss

I was in a state of euphoria with just one kiss

I pulled away

Looking at his pink and slightly swollen lips

I unconsciously start licking my lips in an aim to re-taste him



Falling, catching

There was a spark, the first time we spoke,

An undeniable connection that made me worry,

Just one word from you made my heartbeat mimic the sound of a talking drum

It felt like summer’s heat; warm with an aura of lovely carefreeness

I was like a moth mesmerized by the flame

I knew getting too close was going to hurt

But I still fell,

Silently hoping that I’ll fall with a hard thump at the face of reality

But there you were, arms wide open





Wendy Mekwunye is a Nigerian graduate of Nutrition and DIetetics with a passion for writing. She plans on getting a diploma in Media commnuications and eventually publish a book.


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