Poetry: Old Pearl Never Forgotten by Caleb Ugbo

Old Pearl Never Forgotten

If i should find my prints
back to your hut
In robes and flesh of grey,
Would you hold me close?

As fresh as the dew
-In dry withered leafs
So is my love for you

I heard men on pores dried up your cistern
While your face held the map of many city.
Yet, I keep longing for you

In your ears, I want to whisper songs of love
While we dance in rumba style

Does your wool hold the lice still?
I shall return home with combs made of wood

In your eyes, i see the glisten tears of butterflies
While your smile paints a thousand picture

Like the days of our youth,
my heart sees you best
And your beauty beams like the sun in an ocean blue

In Sheol, i would love to lie next to you
With pride, i shall watch as we both fade away in silence


Ugbo Caleb is prolific writer and editor at ExpressIt Magazine. He is also the project manager and graphic artist at Cassou Photography. He loves to paint beautiful images with his lens and pen. He hails from Delta state, Nigeria where he currently lives


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