FWGE: Judith by Andrew Ali Danjuma



Let’s walk down the pavement

Simply come with me…

Friend I have something to show


It’s about time you knew this :

Love isn’t blind as you made me


For I have seen with my eyes

A damsel dancing in decency

Devoid of deceitfulness


Her name is Judith



Don’t ask me how different

Don’t ask me how decent

Don’t just ask me how sure


Because I’m pretty sure

Here’s a girl whose blossom

Does not wither away

In all season

She illuminates the darkest part

Of my heart with her honesty

And industry



If you doubt this…

You doubt everything

The ravishing lady leads

In aesthetics

Ravenous for everything exceptional

Everything distinguishing

Judith is the most meticulous

The most beautiful

The most astonishing

The most astute girl I have

Ever come across






My name is Andrew Ali Danjuma. A graduate of English and literary studies from Federal University Wukari. I’m an indigene of Kurmi Local Government Area of Taraba State. Poetry, to meet is the life ware of society. The barometer of truth and the tool for effecting changes in society. I have come to realise that, the best way for humanity to aright the amiss, to express one’s pains and penury, emotions and sentiments, poetry is the true medium that captures all of that.



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