FWGE: Four poems by Emmanuel Olukanni

Cherrie Blossom


You saddled my heart;

Like a wild horse;

Amidst clouds of white stallions.


Your taste lingers on my lips;

Like a misty tint of moonshine;

On late summer nights.


You are a wild rose;

By the river side.

Taming the tides.


For most nights,

As I hold you.

Under the piecing eyes,

Of the moonlight.

Your blooming lips,  tainted with a bright shade

Of red blossom,

Ravage my senses.

Right there,I took a wild guess,

I shed this gloomy wind.

Loosing myself to your engulfing passion


For love is kind of crazy

With a spooky little girl

Like you…







For the demon

That lies…

Recoiling inside;

I’ve kept at bay.

But you…

Like a knife; in the woods;

Hunted me down.

Till you clip away;

Bits after bit;

All the good in me.

And set ablaze;

All these wild impulses.

Time shifts…

You spread like wild fire;

Filling me up.

I felt the darkness.

Like a thousand dots of flames.

Licking away;

Burning free.



I gave leave

To the voices

That held at bay

The latches

Of my anima soul.

I embraced your wild flames

And became the dark prince

Of your very own hell…

For with you,

Love; is like a wild rose

Amidst fire and smoke


Timor mortis conturbat me

(Yet still; the fear of death,  frightens me)






We are but shadows

Thrown against the walls of memories.

We are wild sets of footfalls.

Dancing through pleasant sceneries.

Yet we are, at this time,

Two sets of fast beating hearts…

Erratic pulses in a field of white.

Slowly screaming;

Even when you forget my face;

And memories begins to fade;

As days glide into gentle nights;

You will beat still in my heart;

Caressing my ever lucid thoughts;

As sleep nears.

Till then, 


Forget me not…




Unchain My Heart


I live, but in lucid dreams.

Smiles, at dawn in pleasant thrills.

Shadow tales cast gingerly on my bed frame.

My heart, entrapped, with non but thee to claim.


As I close my eyes to sleep at night.

Flickering shadows in the receding beam of light.

Heart slipping smoothly into your paradise.

Engulfed in your breath as you pull me from this wall of ice.


I felt you.


The simple rhythm of your beating heart

Your scourging passion tainting the silent night.

Your soothing aura igniting my darkest desire.

Wrapped in the shawl of your engulfing fire.


Flawlessly, you glide away from me in your caramel skin

Fading into shadows beneath the sky

Stringing my heart with yours, you left like a fly


Then, I heard the call.

Piecing the air like a siren.

It’s mother, calling out for morning devotion

Then I knew; it’s time to sleep


Till darkness covers us again with her shroud

I will revel in the taste of your love.

For I know, when the evening sun begins to fade

You will  be there in your field of wild tulips

Waiting patiently

to unchain my heart.


Le us leave now…




Hi,  I am Emmanuel Olukanni,  a part three law student of Obafemi Awolowo University. I love writing and I take every chance I get at expression my thoughts the best way I can,  poetry.


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