FWGE: My Love by Andrew Danjuma

My Love

People gossip, people make a noise they mutter words
Some blow whistle
There are gossips everywhere
But there’s no gossip here

In my heart…
Your heart is safe and saved
Filtering every counterfeiting psychology
My love is guaranteed
Rest assured you are in safe hands
Let them do the talking
We do the loving
For when we become subjects
Of their gossips
They become subjects of slavery
And we’re their slave masters
We’re better off as a couple
Than estranged lovers
Let them pelt us with pebbles
And words
Our belt inseparable
Wrapped in our loins
Resisting external forces of
We’re one indivisible
Invincible entity
We shall love to the marines
And swim subterranean the sea
Our ship sinks aboard
We don’t sink beneath
We’re captains of love
Marshals of love
Yes we’re
My love is guaranteed
My love is in you
Is in everything you do
Is in us
Is in the air.

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