FWGE: Story Behind Oreke by Ganiyu Mahi Adedare


On a normal day, sun was shining and began its daily chores, flees were flying on their road, no movement for side talk between the road and the mindful heart.


From dusk to dawn, without you I’m nothing than a broken pot rested on a ground with merciless fate.

Our Story is like drops of rain that chase out the story of rainbow between twinkle of an eye.

We’ve found refuge in each other.


“Here the story goes.”

I met this damsel of the year that took away my breathing and ceased my sleeping.

Her beauty attracted my heroic heart, my heart stood still and failed to breath in some airs.

I tried to have some words with her but she snubbed me and grabbed her bag, instead to grab my hand and let me feel the sweetness of love.


I fell so sad, i drank the sadness and chased the wind, following through her way to her destination.

I followed her and forgot to chase my way home, Her love is already taking me far with all what I had known as a man to woo a girl.

She got home and greeted her parent and smiled to them instead to smiles to me and allow my heart to kiss her destiny.

I remembered home but the day already old. I’m forgetting my heart to someone that cares not.


Mornings comes in no pain and no gain.  I woke up to embrace the morning duties, I saw her smiles running through my veins and held her hand but the pocket of water is taking the role of her hand. Am getting crazy with the love I had. I stood up and went to her to ease my mind.

I met his father rubbing words on her back, met her mother drawing  words on her palm.

I stepped down below my request coming out in rage.

She saw me and hissed, I replied with smiles, she thought I was insane but I showed her how her love painted my heart in white and read.

She talked to me and abused the craziness in me “Early in the morning ”

I explained how her love arrested my soul through a sleepless night and how my heart sobbed till dawn comes.

I told her about her smiles that kissed my heart and erased many worries living behind my heart.

I grabbed her hand, put it on my chest “she fell it also” how the beeping goes in marathon.

She asked about my name,  we discussed about her night and smiles to me.

Now Oreke appreciated the lover boy.




Ganiyu Mahi Adedare (GMA)  is young writer and a poet who has done many things to build up his art and has been published on many literary websites and many anthologies.  He owns a blog (poetrycollege.blogspot.com), he is a photographer (GMAphoto)  and a student of Computer Engineering in The Polytechnic Ibadan.



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