FWGE: Happy With You by Jessie Sarang

Happy with you

Worried that I may have fallen too far, I struggled to find my steps back. Knowing that I was in too deep
to leave, I sought refuge under your wings..

Because I reached for you, I was slightly awakened on the inside. I revealed myself to you hoping that
you are strong enough to take the safety of my soul into your hands..

For a while I thought I was insane, not wanting to be alone I dreamt of you in my life. I realized that I still
need your wake up calls, because even after opening my eyes, I also desire to see those smiles..

The moment you opened your heart to me, I felt for once like we belonged. The times I closed my eyes
looking at you, I raised no question because you were always there in my mind's eyes..

While I was friends with you, it took no time to become aware of you in a way I never was. You became
my destination, in the dark eternity, you fell on me like a sunshine.

If you could hold onto me like you once did, I would tell you all my secrets and answer all your
questions. I would let you be my muse, my melody, because I am thankful when am next to you.

Jessie Sarang


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