FWGE: Let Me Show Thee My Love by Famous Bernard

Let Me Show Thee My Love
In all senses, I deserveth not you,
But let me show thee my love.
Let my love to thee sing in crescendo,
That thy mouth have a taste of my name.

Let me show thee my love
In an uncommon way that thou more deserveth
Let me give thee my rich-wretched love.
Before thou findeth another, if there’s.
Let me kneel before thy incomparable grace,
For thou deserveth a royal please.
In happiness and sadness I shall for thee kneel.
A deity you’re before thy birth.
Let me adore thy God’s image with kisses
From thy toe to thy golden crown,
And do it as often as second
For death is a secret admirer.
Let me give thee my love,
It can satisfy thee without aliments.
Let me give thee my naked love,
It can cover thy nakedness.
Let me Feed from thy succulent lips,
In it the splendour of my love.
Let me bathe thee in my joyful tears
And towel thy supple body with my towel tongue.
Let me show thee my love;
Let me be thy guardian angel
That I may guard thee whilst thou slumber
And a philomel that will croon to thy soul every morning.
Let me give thee this natural love,
That will crown thee with Solomon’s wealth
That in my wretchedness thou mayst see gold.
Let me show thee my limitless love.
The poet, Adama Famous Bernard was born on 24th April, 1993 in Lagos state, Nigeria. He’s of Benue state Origin. He started writing poetry right from his high school days. He has written numerous poems yet to be published.

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