FWGE: Segilola Eleyinju Ege by Fawole Immanuel Taiwo

I give a meticulous gaze into the wood.
I see sundry trees,
But I have not discerned the best as Iroko.
Copious leaves has my mouth harboured,
But none pleases its tastebud as the bitterleaf.
Into the jungle do I give a stare,
My optical nerve relays to my brain
That the lion remains the king of the jungle; a termless one.
With profound and intense meticulousness,
I give a prolong gape into your world—a muliebrity’s,
But I never descry your such—elegance personified.

The petals in your unalloyed beauty has done nothing
But gained my utmost undisposed attention.

See me as no suitor,
But rather, discern me as an imminent consort.
Many might have visited you uninvited
And innumerable are still likely to come
To seek your meek hand in the to-death journey.
My adumaadan!
Give their thirst no liquid
‘Cause my intimacy and affection is of no march.

I know not, but thirst to know, the bird
Which pooed you,
But I perceive through you that it has taken a good intake.
Let the skin beaters beat the skin to a rejoice.
Let North and East and West and South
Come to the centre and exult to our merger.
Let my people from the South
Meet your people in the East, in mutuality.

Segilola Awelewa!
Grace me with the grace not to edify my edifice in the aura.
Let my castle be constructed on your gentle heart and no other place.
Cloth me with the garment of mercy and let me singularize a one-man boulevard that leads me into your heart.
When promiscuous mistresses dualize boulevard into their dead hearts,
Please let me be the only walker on the boulevard leading to your heart.

Let us effect a merger to our hearts
And transform them into one.
Let us couple our souls
And make them one.
Let my flesh be yours
And yours mine.
Let your bone be mine
And mine to be yours.
Let us birth parents to our grandchild together.
Those that will cloth our eyes with the earth on that day—
A day when my love for you shall know its bound on this phase.

Courting you is a bard.
Intertwine your hand with mine and let me take you on an adventure to the poetic world.
Let us take our seats amongst the seats of the amphitheatre of the cloud and watch and listen to my poetically sage brothers dispense.
I will use the whole poetic vigour in me
To regain your sanity when AkeemLasisi steals it with his mesmeric dispensations
And when Ayoola Goodness Olanrewaju plunders your understanding
With his humble and wit-challenging issuances,
I will take you to the bardic abode of TukurLobaRidwan for decipher.
Our poetic voyage and adventure will know flaw
If I do not make you discern Micheal Ace.
Under his poetic pedagogy have I been illuminated.
The bardic door has he opened for my comprehension.

What joy it will fill my heart
To eye you by my side diurnally.

The physician may diagnose a hole in my heart,
But I will snub his diagnosis
And believe that it is not a hole,
But an aperture between my heart to commune with yours.

It will be exemplary to a butterfly trying to put off a kindled fire
When anybody attempts killing my affection for you.

Segilola eleyinjuege!
My tongue differs from that of the politicians’
Which voice, ‘I will do,”
But never does.
It differs from the political parties’ manifestoes
Which read, ‘we will implement,’
But never implements.
My desire for you is not a desire for satisfaction on the couch.

Olowoori mi,
Let the archers of heaven fire their arrows of blessing toward my affection
And let our drivers to this terrain shower us with benediction.
Don’t let my admiration be a crazy one like Adeosun Damilola’s.

(A pro-inter-tribal relationship)
Germane to the search for broth ingredients and spices
By an housewife,
I have searched and found a desired companion.
One whose meek and mild smile
Could unlock futuristic bliss.
As Gaddafi was found seeking succor
In the belly of culvert;
I have found the March for my future.
Have you been apprised that the moon and the sun
Wish to book for seats at the front line of our joining?
The rodents within have told it to the ears
Of the rodents without that our joining will be stunning.
Shoes now catechise the road on the path that
Would lead to our merging together.
The only words the deaf now decode is,
“Esther and Hassan share intimacy.”
And the words the mutes voice is,
“Hassan loves Esther. ”
Papa said to me,
“Hassan, don’t bring home a lady who is not
Of the same religion and race with you as fiancée.”
Esther, my love!
Why are you not a Muslim?
Why must you be a Christian?
Why has God created you an Ibo?
Why must he alter my affection by not creating you an Hausa?
How I wish I could rise from your bosom diurnally.
How I wish we could birth progenies together.
How I wish my name could transform yours.
How I wish Providence has destined us together.
Esther, my queen!
I would miss your smile that liberates me
From the fast claws of worry.
I would miss your gentle caress
That softens my hard heart from fury.
Why were you not dropped as an Hausa?

If I had known;
I would not have visited this terrain through my race and familial religion.
If I had seen the future,
I would have changed fate.
Would our mutualities know bound and limitation here?
Tell me why we should not elope.
Tell me why the moon and the sun
Should not leave their abodes
To witness and chairman our nuptials.
Why must the road not direct the shoes
To our welding and wedding forum?
Can you spit it with no stutter;
Why we should not pay gametes in purchase for offsprings?

My queen!
Does your Scripture not tell you of the merger
Of Adam and Eve, void of parental benison,
But full of divine benediction?
Let us elope, my love.
God’s downpour of benediction
Has drenched this mutuality.
Rip me off this fetter and cuff.
Liberate me to follow my path.
Spare me your notion and conviction.
The gatekeeper of Sheol will welcome a soul.

Previously published on myaceworld.net


Fawole Immanuel Taiwo is an upcoming writer of the three genres of literature. He is a student of Philosophy at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. For him, there is nothing that cannot be expressed with pen and paper.


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