FWGE: Three Poems by Muhammad Yusuf Musa

Her Eyes

Her eyes that resembles
Sky in the mid-spring evening

Her eyes that sparkles
Like diamond
And glitters like gold
In them I’ve caught glimpse
Of life and hint of hope

Her eyes that holds a shore
Of melancholy washed away
By tears of ecstasy

Her eyes that shame stars
And belittle moon
In them I’ve seen path to heaven

Her eyes where the jewels
Of love are stored
I looked into them
And I couldn’t take off my eyes..

Because in them I’ve seen
Flowers of joy nourished
By a stream from Eden.



My Moon

Oh my moon,
How do I tell you..

That your radiance
Penetrates my soul
And gives shelter
To my dreams

That your grace
Controls the rhythm
Of my heart and
Peace of my mind

That your elegance
Makes mountains
Sway in ecstasy
And flowers smile

That your beauty
Makes wind sings
In your praise
And birds bow in servitude

When you smile
The entire universe
Glimmers and
Stars shine brighter

When frowns
The canaries go
Silent in retribution
Even the brightest star darkens

You are the destination
Of my wander
The compass
Of my navigation.



Covert Longing

When you see my eyes
Reddened like a burning coal
And my face darkened
Like a summer cloud

When you feel the thrust of my heart,
Raging like an active volcano
And the heat it radiates
Burns like a scorching sun

Don't come closer, darling
Don't come

For the beast inside is on loose
And the walls that once confined it are shattered

But if you look deeper
You'd see in my eyes a yearning

And with every outcry there's a silent voice calling out to

Because only the magical glance of your eyes
And your warm embrace can calm these fires
And provide a haven for this tired soul.





I am Muhammad Yusuf Musa, a student at Mansoura university Egypt. i am an aspiring poet. Born and raised in Tudun wada local government area of Kano state,Nigeria. i am 22 years old. i use a pen name MYmusa


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