FWGE: Absolute by Habeebah Mansour

I love the look in his eyes when he looks at me.

It’s like I’m the centre of his world and he’s trying to navigate right to the centre of my labyrinth.

I love the possession in his voice when he calls me ‘his’.

It’s like it’s my fault for being so irresistible that he cannot help but want me for himself and him alone.

I love the the determination in his hands when he touches me.

It’s like he’s blind and I’m his salvation written in Braille so he has to trace every contour.

I love the fierceness in his tongue when we kiss.

It’s like I’m his last lifeline – his oxygen – and I need to be on him, in him, with him for him to exist.




My name is Habeebah Mansour  (pen name; Habeebatu x!). I’m 21 years old. I am a medical student currently in my 5th year. I reside in Kano state, Nigeria. And I love to write.


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