FWGE:Two poems by Samuel Nzebor

My Adoration: For Rose
Dearest lady in all of creation
watch as I pour my application
amongst the league of those seeking your admiration.
Your hair smells like rose,
and an overdose of love potions.

Your colour looks like multicolour
colouring the pages of my heart.
You are like fresh wine
intoxicating me with a touch.
I know your name,
it sounds like belle,
care and dear.
Fair, rare and well.
Not drare nor bare;
Neither broken nor forsaken.
But like a wall unshaken,
and beauty unshaven.
You are a result of
love and beauty
bathing in the waters of finesse,
rising to the top.
Every time I try to count your footsteps,
Fumes seem to dance in my eyes.
On the chair where I seat,my presence
Seems to always watch you breathe
And comfort you even while I’m away.
Open doors stand in unison
Making no noise as your shadow creeps in.
On the ant hills and the treetrunk,
Reverberation follows at the sound of your name.
O! How sweet your smell is,
Guiding my eyes towards your hips.
Basking in your pulchritudinous physique.
Enter into my heart,till I make your design
Samuel Nzebor is a law student of the University of Benin, Nigeria. He’s a seasoned reader and a similitude of Shakespeare. He loves playing the piano and games. His works have appeared on Pencillite.com, familyandfriendspoetry.com and on his blog: nzeborsamuel.blogspot.com.

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