FWGE: If i tell you by Philip C. Abonyi

If i tell you

if i tell you,
how smile found itself on my face,
each time i read your body in an envelop,
and your beauty spread before me,
like a sky looking into the eyes of a child.

do you know,
how i am calmed by your love to survival,
even in this heartless, northern sun tenor,
where the wages our sweat served us yesterday,
are eaten up in a blink of ice.

if i tell you,
how i chase sleep every night in vanity,
when ever your phone pass me your tears,
you will not agree that though i am a wild wind,
noises of sleep’s toes on run,
strengthened by your pains,
open my eyes till night embraces the daylight.

do you know,
how i am unbottled out of joy,
when illness is your caring companion,
i put psalm in my palms and it reads me,
times brain bursts in count.

do you know,
each time thought cups my head away,
i am one just as you are,
but when added by our love,
we become one murdering the rule of mathematics.

if i tell you,
each time i find our children in my fingers,
you become mother of a president,
i, a father of poetic doctor,
while a nurse calls us parent.

if i tell you,
if i tell you,
how i am murdered to live by your love,
you shall not mourn any hate in you,
but live in my heart more like pain.


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