FWGE: My Queen by John Uchenna Uzoma

My Queen

Every second I think of you
My whole veins grows anew
And your kiss tones my skin
to its soft and romantic kind
As its joy I blush over
Reminds me you are my queen
Can’t just erase you off my mind
Even as the vision I keep to myself
Yet, your cares and touch flows
in my heart like Pacific ocean
It’s like a world my heart joy in
And a love mark carved in my mind
It makes me love only you
I maybe a dreamer with golden passion
I need from you to fulfil my mission
My shoulder will never deny you rest
For you, I chase the clouds
Like a running stream, I will live with you
I shall never let you divert
For in my heart, is your home
If this wishes come true
Your love alone can make it purer
Yes, I hungered to take you to Roman
And show the world how much I love you
Such a reality, it’s burning in me
Making romantic colors of the rainbow
I foresee forever of us
I love you my Queen.



John Uchenna Kelechi Uzoma , is “a salient prolific author in the world of Art’s and beyond since 2009, (with his pen name; KELLY JUUZ)as he was born in the year 1994 , October 15th. A lover of all literary genre and writes according to the weight of his inspiration. He is an undergraduate student Mass communication, National Open University of Nigeria.
KELLY JUUZ is the founder of NIGERIAN ELITES WORLD (a.k.a A FORTRESS CASTLE FOR INTELLECTUAL ACTIVITY, since 2012) on Facebook. He has written a lot of poems, graphical wise sayings, stories (published and unpublished), motivational and inspirational articles, that have been published on several websites and blogs around the world. He is a comic actor, that hails from AMANGWU village in Nkwerre Local Government area of IMO state, Nigeria .


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