FWGE: The Love I Saw by Egwuatu Ogechukwu Peace

The Love I Saw


Love is patient, love is kind

And these heard I, all the time

But as I grew, what I saw differed

A love that awaits no one,

A love that cares for no one


Love envies not, nor vaunts itself

But I saw

A jealous love that kills

A vengeful love that destroys


Love is not puffed up, nor does it behave itself unseemly

But I saw

A love that found its worth in pride

A love that lacked comportment


Love does not seek her own, nor is it easily provoked

But I saw

A love selfish in all its ways

A love wielding weapons of destruction


Love thinketh no evil, rejoices not in iniquity but rejoices in the truth

But I saw

A love with gloves of sin

A love with lips of lies

Love suffers long

Love bears all things

Love believes all things

Love hopes in all things

Yes! These I saw,

A love that held its bearer in bondage

A love that spelled her doom


And in wondering did I search for true love

A love that held me

A love that sacrificed for me

A love that loved me

A love that called me its own

A love that was my home





My name is Egwuatu Ogechukwu Peace. I’m a 200 level student of French and German in University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I live in Lagos, Nigeria with my family. I’ve always loved writing. I also like reading, singing and speaking. I am a member of GOTNI and YALI network. I hope to influence the world with my words both written and spoken


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