FWGE: A Search For The Unknown- The Forbidden by Olayiwola Faith Adedolapo

The Forbidden


She lies in darkness

Sees clearly in pain

Uncertain about the future

Gazes sorrowfully through the past


Her hope lays in distress

No joy to call gain

In a journey led by vision

Until a story would again past


They walked down the street

Together with thoughts of

Kindness, hope and grace

But fate knew otherwise


That someday they would do the same

But whisper a little no more

That faded smile and fame

How imperfect it would be


Monstrous fellow, filthy hands

Acted like he knew the other more

Till he broke a golden heart beyond repairs


So she left to acquire a new life

Free from love, pain and sorrow

For she said, I wish not to be a queen

Nor a princess nor a goddess

I only wish to be a fairy who can change into anything

And her forbidden fruit is love


For we all seem diseased

So let us not speak of love

For it is a physical abstract

That batters the heart.





Olayiwola Faith Adedolapo; a 100 level student of the department of European Studies(German). I am the second daughter of four girls and I hail from Ibadan, Nigerian. I speak English, Yoruba, German and understand the sign language.I am an essayist, poet and freelance editor.
Phone number: 08102705364
Email: olayiwolaadefaith@gmail


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