FWGE: Two Poems by Olopade Oluwatosin Janet




And because the heart

takes the form of a bottle

And I can’t dam

a running river on my mattress.


Twice,thrice, four times

Why do I care?.


I mean,

How many stitches

does it take to dress up

In a scarf made of lemons?.


Pain allows me the clarity of red and black

My tears are no different from shards


I won’t lie, I’m not happy on my own.

My warmth is as fickle as fire.


My tongue paves road that wouldn’t converge at the mouth of an ocean


My mouth digs fingernails

On the ceilings below my head


For the things I wish to say

Are far from my reach.


Ears fall to the ground the shape of a hand


In prayer to a god

that lives in timber.


And perhaps it’s the dirt or depth of this

Or signals in the fog


Each breath is a mountain to climb


It gets as hot

As when you cook diamonds into pastes


My ear bites off by one word it doesn’t want to hear


Whereas the only thing that really matters








When they saw you as a dangerous bee hive

I saw a sanctuary that makes honey


When they saw you as an avalanche

Rushing out to level a city

I saw a rare blessing

Snow white.


When they saw you as a tornado

Whirling on a dune

I simply saw an air to breathe


When they saw you as a volcano

I saw a sweet innocent boy

Who needs to let go of his pain

At the feet of a mountain,

One can surmount and be seen.


But when I saw you

As the falling rain that soothes

It was your choice to pelt me with your sting

It was your choice to kill my heart

To make a monster out of me.


And because you broke me,

You get to dance on the splinters

It was all your choice, remember.






Olopade Oluwatosin Janet is a college sudent, studying Communications and Language Art. She loves writing and reading. Her poems come from a personal part of her, and they are written in transference of the protest of Silence she carries in the real world.


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