Poetry: Two Poems by Mohamed Shamsu-Deen

Buds Of A Rose Planted Apart


We were bouquet from pine

Smelling of smiling ananas

But harmattan did twiddle our mingle . . .

Now what are the chances

That you would read me

Written on the wing

Of a baby dove


For the gale

That cast me South

And you North

Has turned a hurricane?


But I hope

The dove grow

To pierce the wind

And your heart!


I Hate Resolution!


I wish there were no resolution

In conflicts – in war

Where duel combatants enter battle fields

Raising tension through tactical maneuvers


In fight best fought without uniform.


It is no size a gun that matters

If only it can cork

A pistol, rifle or shotgun depends on bullets

And when guns start to vomit

They sure fall for resolution

Ask for truce when out of bullets

To gather them and return for attack.


Commander instructs for change of poses

And replies often come in moans;

I wish I could cling to the neck of climax

But resolution often pulls me down.



Born in Tamale, Ghana, Mohamed Shamsu-Deen had his tetiary education at Bagabaga College – where his passion for and practice of creative writing were evolved. His works have appeared in local and international anthologies. He is a professional classroom teacher and a certified visual artist, who writes poetry, prose and critiques.


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