Books | Ishola Abdulwasiu Ayodele Publishes Nocturnal; A Story About The Conflicts Of A Modern Society

Nocturnal is a story about the conflicts of a modern society. With constant deterioration of the ozone layer, it is just a matter of time before the world would become uninhabitable for humans. Before delving into the world created by the writer, should recent hurricanes in the Americas not send enough signals that climate change is more than what wearing ray jackets can fix? Nocturnal details how the characters in the story have to undo the natural order of time because daylight is a damnation that is akin to hell. Set in the coastal city of Lagos, Nocturnal is a story of love and family. A story of how individual differences shape how we interpret the world around us.

Ayodele, for a first endeavor, has succeeded in exploring more in just a little fictive space. He has shifted the direction of storytelling by using simple familial conflicts to shed light on broader issues. His efforts at using the genre of science fiction to tell his story is remarkable, especially judging that such experimentation is still at the nadir among African writers. While Nocturnal is a work of a budding prose writer, his efforts at sustaining the suspense in the story, using events and characters to drive his vision to a remarkable conclusion are laudable. The reader will find Nocturnal an interesting read, a read that opens one to a new way of understanding and interpreting the world we live in.

Nocturnal is available in PDF format.

All you have to do is just pay/transfer into this account:

Account No: 3082311107
Bank : First Bank
Name: Ishola Ayodele
Price: N300 only

To contact the Author,
Email: isholaabdulwasiu@gma­
Facebook: Ishola Abdulwasiu Ayodele

The Author should be contacted immediately for a copy after payment (preferably with screenshots as evidence of payment). Then a copy will be sent through the email provided or if preferred, through Whatsapp.


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