Poetry: Dreadful Nights by Muhammadnasir Aloba

Dreadful Nights

How do I find my sleep at nights when the demons living in them have never faded away?

Umpteenth times, I have consulted my ancestors just to know the reasons behind what happens to me at the birth of every night I have spent on earth, but “it will be well” has always been their bleak response.

I am the living dead. Perhaps, what is the basis of living when one enjoys not the whole of life?

I often hear people trot the cliche “night is for re-quiescence” but I wonder greatly why I have never shared such experience. How bizarre it sounds!
Instead I always spend my nights fighting in wars.

Ever since I arrived earth, my eyes have never for once witness the abstract, sleep.
It is true that “nights are much more distinct from days”, yet nights greatly have a jarring effect on my days.

The sounds of spirits that resound about the whole night, vibrating in my auditory canals, almost turn me a lunatic each moment that passes away like an old man.

Now, I am aware of how demons could be called in a million ways, and the scars that live on my skin reproduce each time nights set in for their duty of darkness.

How do I ever want nights when they aren’t friends but fiends?
Enough of it all!
However, I don’t ever want to witness nights again.




I’m Muhammadnasir Aloba with the pen-name_eminent, from kwara state, Ilorin. And a student of university of Ilorin, studying statistics. I started writing in 2016.


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