News: Portal reopens for This is Nigeria Anthology

Life changes in a heartbeat. Reason why such calamities has befallen a country in just one week:

  • Ojuelegba bridge accident
  • Nigeria’s exit from #WorldCup
  • Dbanj, wife lost their son in home accident
  • Bodija abattoir killings, many innocent lives wasted
  • Otedola bridge tanker explosion
  • Berger fire attack, more than 50 cars with people burnt alive.

Something is wrong somewhere, and this is the time for us all to be observant. Come to think of it, most of these issues are results of our negligence and unorganized attitude. Oil tankers should have their own routes or rather restricted to certain times in the day. Midnight is way better. What happened in Bodija yesterday was just ignorance/stupidity on the side of the meat sellers and lack of order on the side of the law enforcement agencies.

Why don’t you come out of your shell, break the silence and tell the world something about your country. Submission portal for #This_is_Nigeria anthology has been reopened and we’re receiving more entries.

Remember, the anthology welcomes Poetry, Prose, Photography, Essay and Artwork. We welcome you, with all of your bliss and pain. The colour is neither white nor black, it’s grey.

Submit here



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