The Danger Of Following Trend As A Writer & How Free Verse Makes Everyone A Writer by Micheal Ace

After days of writing, Micheal Ace, the author, is pleased to inform you that his two in one article, The Danger Of Following Trend As A Writer & How Free Verse Makes Everyone A Writer has finally reached completion.

Here are some highlights of what the article contains:

The thing about dynamicity and staticity, most times, isn’t default. How we find ourselves is often determined by how we’ve been: memories we have haboured, teachings we have subjected our minds to, experimentations we have done and alson the kind of environment we have been over a specific period of time. The mind is a volatile memory device; but the twist is that its writabiliy for conscious events isn’t always guaranteed. It involves a simple but complex algorithm of tricks needed to be put in place before the contents can be altered. In other words, learning, unlearning and relearning are neither automatic nor trivial.


This is not an attempt to ridicule anyone but truth be told, Free verse as a style has opened door to the crowd, and in my opinion, poetry is a special arm of art that isn’t for everyone. These days, the depth you read in poems is grandiloquence—they cram the dictionary without knowing how the words work—and this often result to conflict in diction but who cares? They are poets. This time, you read a poem exploring imagery without even one simple usage of metaphor, simile, personification, hyperbole and the likes, but who cares? They are poets. You read poems that don’t even pass as prose— rigid and watery, sometimes with ambiguity, but… they are poets.


Download The Article Here (200kb)


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