Poetry: Behind The Scars by Husamot Nasirdeen Ayomide

Sun rises with pains
& sets in terror,
moon appears with fears
as we run up and down
seeking where to hide
& how to ward off the
fire under our feet.

we chew our pains silently in this
forest of uncertainty-
we air a fire larger than our mouths and death crawls behind us.

we mourn in morning as we seek shroud for the dead;
those we receive their loss unexpectedly as mail.

after noon, night runs after our footsteps,
grizzly bear knocks us off our feet,
for afternoon is the arena for the hearts of stone.

seven bottles of palm wine, fear
still float on our chest
in evening, we utter farewell to those that
have the garden growing on their chests
of the night.

for we die at dusk
and wake at dawn.




Husamot Nasirdeen Ayomide hails from Ibadan, Nigeria. He was born on April 04 2000 in a Muslim home. He presently attends Modrasah dah’wah where he’s studying Islamic education. He writes distinct literary genres shared on various platforms and he is currently working on his first chapbook titled, Dying before death.


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