Published: This is Nigeria (The Grey Anthology)

After weeks of anticipation, the Grey anthology tagged “This is Nigeria” has finally reached completion, and now published. We received over 300 entries from the nooks and crannies of the country, and it was really a rigorous exercise selecting what we considered ‘best’ from the submissions judging by relevance to the theme.

“In my country, we know evil; it’s our countryman”

– Micheal Ace

Nigeria is ours, and it’s upon us to do what we can whichever way we can to bring her closer to her revolution. This is what we have done with this Anthology.

The published authors in this anthology are listed below:

  • Yusuf Ismail Abayomi (June Is Dark In My Country)
  • Onyema Emmanuel (Green Tragedies)
  • Adebayo Titi Matthews (National Harmthem)
  • Udekwe Chikadibia (Living Wounds)
  • Temidayo Opeyemi Jacob (they Didn’t Tell Us)
  • Bello Sodeeq Adekunle (Untitled)
  • Blessed Ayeyame (untitled)
  • Emmanuel Kolawole Ijalana (Farmgraves)
  • Opara Chizaram  Adaobi (Broken Bottles and a Battle
  • Olaniyi Ololade Moses (Burning Lines)
  • Henry Amami (Prayers In The Rain)
  • Adetayo Omotoyosi Adeolu (The Servitude Called Nysc)
  • Johakeem Talisman Jude (This Is Nigeria)
  • Dahunsi-Victor Olabode (Where I Live)
  • Onatola Abiodun (Death Traps And Escape Route)
  • Where I Live (Where I Live)
  • Isoboye Danagogo (This is Nigeria)
  • James Patience Chioma (The Truth-Bleeding Pen)
  • Membis Godwin (The Great Country Called Nigeria)
  • Sulaiman Sherif Opeyemi  (This is Nigeria)
  • John Chizoba Vincent (And Jesus Wept For Nigeria)
  • Ola w. Halim (An Ode To Lagos)
  • Tola Ijalusi (Naijiria Yi)
  • Adesina Ajala (I Do Not Cry)
  • Crystal E Poet (Expensive Demons)
  • Muhammadnasir Aloba (This is Nigeria)
  • Uchendu K Njionye (Green and Red)
  • Michael Akuchie (If Justice Should Dare Ask For Help)
  • Elizabeth Frank Amara (My Motherland)
  • Abioye Samuel Akorede (How To Know Our Names)
  • Odeyemi Mubarak (Let’s Live While We Can)
  • David A. Olowoeyo (The Devil In Us)
  • Ohioze Esther (This is Nigeria)
  • Philip C. Abonyi (They Shot God
Download This is Nigeria Anthology

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