Take Me Home (Music by Micheal Ace)

Micheal Ace is here with yet another track titled Take Me Home ….


• Title: Take Me Home (Prod By Rexrain)
• Music Size : 4.84 MB
• Artist: Micheal Ace
• Music Duration: 00:03:31

Download Take Me Home Here

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FOR HOW LONG by Oki Kehinde Julius

stop! —i said stop
cajoling our thirsty oesophagus,
with cold water of economy ‘recession’.
for how long shall we wait
at the temple of sea-sore?
when our palm is deprived
from picking the sparkling coweries of nature…

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on the newest bang in the city, a song
released by AYOMIDE_ZINO. An
outstanding upcoming artist, the song
as sprouted a lot of street-pull and i
recommend it to your mild ear,
Download and enjoy

Titile: FiiLe
Prod@jaylove mixed$masterd by b boi
Genre: hip hop/rap

download here

Apreciation 1

Appreciation 1

2015 will never land in a trash can
Because you held me with your right hand
For you all believe in the blood in my pen
I say thank you all
Thank you God

For my
Over 2300 mutual friends on Facebook
Over 2000 members of ACEworld
Over 500 contacts on my whatsapp
Over 10,000 viewers on my blog
Over 5000 followers on
Twitter, Instagram, google+ and others
Over zillion fans of Micheal Ace
The countless lovers of ACEworld
And all my noble readers

I say Thank you
May God Bless you

I won’t close this door without mentioning few names

Sire Aremu Adams Adebisi
Sire Phunsho Oris
Tukur Loba Ridwan
Ayoola Goodyness Olanrewaju
Wajiri philomena
Pen Pen Butong
Fawole Immanuel( ACEworld bleeding pen)
Adetayo Stephen( ACEworld council)
Olufunmilayo Matilda
MS Loto Mary(Gifted Minds)
Adeleke Julianah
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Tolu Impact
Akinosun Damilola(Damade)
Okey Fortune
Oke creamco peter
And you, yes, YOU

I must say that my works have gone a lot viral on the web world with the helps of bloggers, some of them are


Olayiwola Olakunle


Bajelo Aderinola

Okoro Daniel

Micheal Ace

Bleeding pen

Victor Adebayo

A big Kudos

All participants of PoemAttack competition phase 1
All members of ACEworld bleeding pen
All authors at myaceworld blog
All my students
All my heroes and leaders
All of you

I say a gigantic Thank you

Micheal Ace
Your Ace writer
Emperor of ACEworld

The Clever Boy

-A female class teacher was having a problem with a boy in her class in 3rd grade. The boy said “Madam, i should be in 4th grade, i’m smarter than my sister and she’s in 4th grade”.

The Madam had heard enough and took the boy to the principal.

The principal decided to test the boy with some questions from 4th grade

Principal: What is 3+3
Boy: 6

Principal: 6+6
Boy: 12

The boy got all questions right.

The principal then told the Madam to send the boy to 4th grade immediately.

Madam decided to ask her questions and the principal agreed.

Madam: What does a cow have 4 of,that i’ve only 2

Boy: Legs

Madam: What is in your pants that i don’t have

Boy: pockets

Madam: What starts wit a C and ends with T, is hairy, oval, delicious and contains thin whitish liquid

Boy: Coconut

Madam: What goes in hard and then comes out soft and sticky

(The principal’s eyes open really wide,but before he could stop the answer, the boy was taking charge)

Boy: Bubble gum

Madam: You stick your poles inside me. You tie me down to get me up, I get wet before you do

Boy: Tent

(The principal was looking restless)

Madam: A finger goes in me. You fiddle with me when you are bored. The best man always has me first

Boy: Wedding ring

Madam: I come in many sizes. When i’m not well, i drip. When you blow me,you feel good

Boy: Nose

Madam: I’ve a stiff shaft. My tip penetrates,I come with a quiver

Boy: Arrow

Madam: What starts with ‘F’ and ends wit a ‘K’ and if you don’t get it, you’ve to use your hand

Boy: Fork

Madam: What is it that all men have, it’s longer in some men than others,the Pope doesn’t use his and a man gives it to his wife after marriage

Boy: surname

Madam: What part of the man has no bone but has muscles with a lot of veins like pumpkin and is responsible for making love

Boy: Heart

The principal breathed a sigh of relief and said to the Madam ‘Send this BLOODY boy to the University…even myself got all answers wrong!