Published: Themanthology of Abiku

In Themanthology of Abiku, poets have decided to share their insights on what abiku is. This laudable engagement with the subject matter enriches the readers’ understanding of how abiku is perceived and understood within the host culture. Significantly, while the poets are pulled from various sociocultural spaces and experiences, there seems to be a consensus …

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Published: Rose For Your Funeral

When it comes to reaching the dead through the living, we sometimes think so much about impossibilities that lies therein, and feel there is no way for them to feel the warm embrace of our goodbyes. Rose for your funeral is a bouquet of roses reaching a mother in her home, a home far beyond …

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Ode To Rats | Oloyede Joshua

Co-habitants of earth,Oloyede Joshua Dark skinned like sons of the soil Hairy in resemblence of Esau 'Taily' like hominids: Beautiful rats Friends of food,rats Foes of friendly cats, Consumers of waste Lord of domestic rodents caste: Beautiful black rats The beautiful rats! Sharpened eyes like Eagles, You make the house lively, Why are you deadly? …

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Memory Lane Can Be A Sad Place | Animashaun Daniel

Friends retracting from me Like strands of a myofibril, Ever since things Started to go downhill. This makes me feel Like everything wasn't real. It was just a fairytale That has passed away. From the admirers, To the well-wishers, To the long list of new friends, To the new names I had to keep in …

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Jonathan Endurance publishes Living Lines

Living lines is a collection of 24 poems by Jonathan Endurance, a poet, writer and blogger from the city of Calabar, Nigeria.  The book was published by Dwarts In his words: First, I will bid every reader to fetch me more water and bear with me for i may not be able to quench this …

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