Healing Hands (Collection of poems)

This collection of poems serves some purposes. First, to share in the burden of a mother (Ma Brigitte Poirson)who has been part of the success stories of many burgeoning poets whom she has not seen physically but has been a part of their lives.

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Sin City | Arowojobe Tolulope

(Someday Is Now)

My throat had just listened to the freestyle of the famous “Garri”,and the stomach was upset,pardon?,am so sorry to be cruel,recession and inflation got me captured in the hands of the rebels. Continue reading “Sin City | Arowojobe Tolulope”

Black Magic | Ahmadu Usman PoetiQue

(Sorceress’ Spell)


A sorceress defeated me with her spell;
My mouth is now womb for length-less fangs.
My thought now thinks what I can’t tell,
As sons of angry sun thuds and bangs.

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