FWGE: Raw by Wendy Mekwunye

It was my 18th birthday and good thing it fell on a Friday, I was determined to tick about 3 or 4 things off my bucket list. I got into a little black sleeveless dress with a plunging neck line revealing a bit of my cleavage and black pumps, I decided to go for light …

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Poetry: A woman’s Touch by Jessie Sarang

A woman's touch The touch of a woman is like a dazzling starlight; alluring to behold and delicate to gaze upon on a clear night. Her stare though steady is beautiful, the madness in her eyes speaks volume even in her silence. A woman's touch, O! How tender, of her love to feel and her …

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Poetry: Two Poems By Emminex Paradox

 BURNING DESIRES I. we burn down buildings like we find remembrance in embers we forget our bodies are burning cities seething with a raging inferno born by lustful desires how did the first man know he can harvest pleasures amongst the clouds sprawled on a woman's skin? lustful desires are rivers of water, strutting gleefully …

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