Ode To Rats | Oloyede Joshua

Co-habitants of earth,Oloyede Joshua Dark skinned like sons of the soil Hairy in resemblence of Esau 'Taily' like hominids: Beautiful rats Friends of food,rats Foes of friendly cats, Consumers of waste Lord of domestic rodents caste: Beautiful black rats The beautiful rats! Sharpened eyes like Eagles, You make the house lively, Why are you deadly? …

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Healing Hands (Collection of poems)

This collection of poems serves some purposes. First, to share in the burden of a mother (Ma Brigitte Poirson)who has been part of the success stories of many burgeoning poets whom she has not seen physically but has been a part of their lives. Let your smile charm the birds And sparkle as the stream …

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CALL FOR SUBMISSION | Thematic Anthology of Abiku

Warm greetings to poets all around the world. This is to inform you that ACEworld has commenced her reception of poem(s) on the theme "ÀBÍKÚ" It goes beyond a rigid fact that poets, at one particular time in their literary career or the other, write on this particular theme since it defines a poet's depth, …

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The Thing Between My Legs | A Fiction by Micheal Ace

You would never know how tormenting life can be until you begin to read your misery from a thousand faces. The first time I experienced such trauma was when we all came back from church one afternoon. Daddy drove into the compound and parked beside the newly planted flowers. We all rushed inside to bounce …

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