E-Critic is an official and online platform created solely for writers who understand the necessity of growth. Here, you can submit your literary works and get a detailed and comprehensive analysis/suggestions/critiques within a short stipulated time depending on the nature of your work.



  1.  This is a FREE service from ACEword. i.e. no one is paying and no one is getting paid.
  2.  We hold no right to alter your work(s) or use them for anything whatsoever. And if you wish to publish the work with us later, you should follow the guidelines here . In any way, the copyright remains yours,
  3.  We don’t accept manuscripts. Submit only one poem not longer than 40 lines. Fiction/Nonfiction/essay not more than 1,500 words. One piece per submission, please.
  4.  We do blind reading so there is no reason to include your name in your submission unless you want otherwise.
  5.  There are limited volunteer staffs working with us so your work may take longer than expected depending on the schedule of our critics. Meanwhile we will try as much as possible to give you swift response.
  6.  Discussions are strictly via e-mail, so provide only existing and working mail address(es).
  7. After your work has been attended to and you’ve received a response from us, please wait for a period of two weeks before making another submission.
  8.  Don’t use this opportunity to send us ‘anything’, we don’t want you to waste our time with works you don’t hold dear.
  9. We ask that you submit only works written by you. Plagiarism is a crime here. You can submit already published works but we place preference on the unpublished ones.
  10. If you don t receive a response from us after two weeks of submission, please send us a query at info@myaceworld.net