Writers’ gallery is one of the great initiatives of ACEworld aimed at immortalizing writers and poets even while they are alive, as well sing them the songs of praise they deserve while their candles still burn. Everyone strong enough to put thoughts to words and beautify them to become what pleases the eyes deserves to be appreciated and celebrated.


This brings about the introduction of this excellent platform where every interested writer or poet has the opportunity to publish “one poem per week” making up 52 poems every year.

Note: Every published poems under this platform are rated monthly and the winning poem is mightily celebrated

To become a part of this project, send an e-mail containing your phone number , brief biography and a picture as the body of the mail and “Writers’ Gallery” as the subject to poetmichealace@gmail.com . we shall then keep in touch with you.


We are dedicated to bringing writers to the height they strongly desire and moreso;

A time will come when there won’t be giants anymore in this big literary community. A time when everyone will soar like eagle, a time when everyone will reign, a time when no writer or poet will look down on another and a time when everyone will feel belonged and important.

We are evolving; we are works in progress. We belong to the future much more closer than darkness is to a blind man.


Tell them WeGrowTogether

-Micheal Ace


You can read the featured poems here



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