Kindly read the guidelines below before submission

  • You can submit anytime. We’ll reply you within a week or two about our decision concerning publication.
  • We’re pretty cool with previously published works (online only) as long as you tell us where so we can credit them.
  • Works in any language are welcomed. But do forward their English translations.
  • We accept up to
    • Three poems (no line limit)
    • Two short stories (not more than 4000 words)
    • One article, book review, commentary, or any other piece of writing.
  • Submissions are accepted filling the submission form below. But if you’re sending a manuscript or a very large piece of writing, do send as attachment to (doc and docx format only. We do not accept pdf). No specification on font style and size.
  • You can attach a befitting picture of yours if you so wish and a short biography of not more than 100 words. Please be aware that we hold the right to attach any picture we deem fit unless you have a picture that fits into our desired resolution and graphic strength.
  • All themes are accepted.
  • We love to bless you with riches upon acceptance but for now we have no money. Sorry!



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