ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
17 Nov, 2015

It was at the Man ‘o’ War camp this afternoon.
The leader stood afar addressing his thousand members. So at a time he asked them a question and everybody was chorusing their answers, but all were wrong.

Obi knew the right answer but he was too shy to talk, after some moments, he summoned some courage and join the crowd in the chorus, this went on for quite a while but the noise was too much for the leader to hear him.

He thought of what to do, he couldn’t make all others silent and its impossible to bring the leader closer so he bravely jumped out of the crowd, moved closer to the leader and said his answer in a soft tone.
It was a flood of applause on Obi as the leader could hear him and was delighted by his cleverness.


Its true you posses a gift that uniquely differs you from the rest.
But no one will ever lay low and stop trying their luck even though they know you have the true quality

* Obi joined the crowd in the chorus, likewise you as you have put up the courage to start a career or venture on your gift.

* Obi shouted but the leader could not hear him
So as you, you are still on the run because there are Just too many people trying.

* This boy called Obi could not bring the leader closer to him
so as you cannot reduce the height of greatness.
( All finish line remain constant, being first only depends on the racer’s ability)

* Finally Obi moved out of the crowd, take some steps towards the leader and spoke his answer audibly in a gentle voice.

If only you will also stop shouting within the crowd,
If only you will make a stand out
then it would only cost you a little trial to make yourself known to the world.
What i say in essence is do not join the crowd in trying.

Check your depth for your uniqueness and strengths, take some steps forward and you will gently walk to the stardom of Greatness.

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ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
16 Nov, 2015


It was sunday night, little john was ready to sleep.
Little john was happy because his 8th birthday would be the next day. So he knelt and said.

Father lord, now am laying to sleep,
I pray lord, keep my soul
But if I die and never wake
Then lord, let it be you that will take my soul

It was a blissful morning in Little john’s house, early monday morning, everyone had woken, getting prepared for the birthday ceremony.
Soon, everyone was set,
Little john’s mother was dancing to and fro the house, she eventually decided to wake her son and she headed to his bedroom.

Oh my people, it was a party of wail
Little john had died.


Little john prayed on sunday night
I guess you never did

Little john slept
You also slept yesterday

Little John never woke this morning
But you had woken.

Every morning is a dawn of another hope-filled day
It wasn’t luck, it wasn’t blessing, it is grace.

Who will join us and say Thank You Lord.

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ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
15 nov 2015

My aunt was at the burial ceremony of her 68 years old boss at work.
This was a man loved by all, he was an enemy to none, a friend to all.
But the man never achieved a thing, even despite his higher rank and level at work, this man could not have a house, no car, no wife no children.

What a miserable life

Everything ended about the interment service, the wailers were wailing back home.
Everybody in black but suddenly something happened.

My aunts friend looked back and saw what others couldn’t see.
She saw a big fancy baasket full of all kind of fruits dropping from the sky, immediately the basket fell on the man’s grave, then a voice sounded.

“This is your glory we stole yeh man, take it back”

My aunt’s friend broke to tears.

The man worked while alive but he never attained anything.
The glory if his the enemies stole was giving back but it was too late
Its too late for him because he is already Late

I seek the permission to wear the anointed shoe of a prophet and say this one word to you!!!.

It will never be too late for you


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ACEworld Today

ACEworld Today
14 nov 2015

Haze will wake every morning, do the chores, then bring out a wooden chair to the veranda of their mud house, their he would sit till night falls.

Other villagers will pass, stop by to greet him, some will throw him a tuber of yam, some cassava, some will give him token as gift.

But one day Haze woke and said, how much does it cost to live like a man???
He left the question for the air to answer and stood on his feet, he went to the farm his father left behind, he weeded everything, re-cultivated it and became a farmer himself.

Villagers will pass as usual but things have changed, Haze was no longer the jobless sitting outside all times, they wont give him tokens anymore, no tubers, no greeting. They felt he was rising. They began to hate him.

Angel Haze said…
” When I was at the bottom, I saw everybody watching,
but when I said it was my time, everyone started clocking”

The moment you realise to live life is not by tokens, and you take a stand on your feet,
Then you have made a call to contend with the world.
A step to success is a battle with the strongests

Angel continued…
She said, go haze they can’t stop you
If they can’t lift you then than means they can’t drop you
The pinnacle if they can’t reach you then they can’t top you
They can’t do anything that you are about to.

When you realise how lonely the top is without you there, then you will race faster, reject the tokens, fight the battle, and with God.
You shall win

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